Over the past 12 months we have been pushing to refine our range along with working on new products that we have yet to showcase.

As our range grows and keeping track of what is on hand will become even more of a challenge than it already is, the current system consists of the main public website and this dealers area, unfortunately they are both on their own Woocommerce databases which means that there is no syncing of stock numbers which has caught us out a few times now. I also update the listings when product changes have been made, unfortunately this also doesn’t automatically sync resulting in twice as much work and the ability to overlook updating one of the platforms.

To address this we will be moving all our dealer accounts over to the main site, once logged into the main site you’ll have access to your own pricing along with other products that may not be available direct to the public.  This means we only have to keep track of one platform which should help reduce / eliminate the stock issues we have been dealing with.

I’ll send out an email when this is all ready to be changed over, any questions just let me know.


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